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Sneaker Watch: Lakers Make it Back-to-Back

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Sweet Sixteen it is for the city of Los Angeles.

The Lakers held on to home court advantage thanks to big games from Ron Artest and Pau Gasol to win their 16th World Championship, their 5th in the last 11 years. The Lakers started off slow, Kobe Bryant went 1-7 in the first quarter, and only 6-24 in the game but still managed to win his second consecutive NBA Finals MVP.

When it comes down to it, the Lakers won game seven as a team, the exact way that many people thought the Boston Celtics would take the series. They came back from a 13 point deficit behind 20 points from Ron Artest, and Pau Gasol’s 19 points and 18 rebounds. Kobe Bryant scored 10 in the final quarter, and during his poor shooting streak was able to find a more productive way to contribute, by grabbing 15 rebounds. The Lakers crashed the boards harder than the Celtics, grabbing 53 rebounds to Boston’s 40. The Celtics out shot the Lakers 40% to 32% but Kendrick Perkins presence in the paint was definitely noticeable, as the team with the most rebounds won the game in each of the seven games of the series.

After the game, Ron Artest gave credit to his shrink, and then announced his new hip hop single, “Champion” will be out soon.

Ron Artest in Peak shoes collides with Paul Pierce in the Nike Air Max Legacy.

A good look at Rasheed Wallace’s patent leather Nike Air Force 1 PE.

Pau Gasol in the Nike Hyperize shoots over Rasheed Wallace in the Nike Air Force 1.

Ray Allen in the Jordan Icons PE.

Kobe Bryant in the Nike Zoom Kobe V BS looks to pass over Ray Allen in the Jordan Icons PE.

Kobe Bryant in the Nike Zoom Kobe V BS, and Ray Allen in the Jordan Icons PE.

Paul Pierce in the Nike Air Max Legacy, guarded by Ron Artest wearing Peak sneakers.

Rajon Rondo in the Nike Hyperfuse drives past Jordan Farmar in the adidas TS Commander.

Tony Allen falls fo the head fake in the adidas TS Supernatural Creator.

Kevin Garnett in the adidas TS Supernatural Commander.

Rasheed Wallace in the Nike Air Force 1 PE blocks Andrew Bynum in Protege sneakers.

Kobe Bryant took home NBA Finals MVP honors.

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Author: Nick Engvall


  1. southscoshoehead says:

    The one player who everyone thought would ruin the Laker’s chances for a repeat, proved to be the Laker’s greatest necessity.

  2. DP says:

    ↑ I f***in hate them as well.

  3. teemasuoka says:

    Nice pics and shoes again and congrats to the Lakers. Would like to see Kobes new shoes for this win.

  4. Uncle AtiT says:

    I luv all the haters…………..hahaha


  5. 8403 says:

    I’ll be on the hunt for those Rondo Hyperfuse.

  6. lili says:

    Congratulations Lakers

  7. George says:

    I don’t like the Lakers. Was a very bad game for both teams. Likewise… congrats!
    Did you see the Farmar’s left foot????? Nice pic!

  8. Menace says:

    That Sheed block pic is awesome. Congrats Lakers!

  9. big boi says:

    gasol should’ve gotten the MVP award. even in last season’s success. no gasol, no trophy, no legacy. all thanks to gasol. still a boston fan.