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Nike Air Max LeBron 8 – “South Beach”

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With several colorways and images leaking of the “V2” of the LeBron 8, we’re getting a good look at what LeBron shoes Nike has in store for us this season. However, all the hype continues to surround the “South Beach” colorway of the LeBron 8, which was originally released last month exclusively in Miami. If there’s any shoe worth the hype right now, it’s the “South Beach” LeBron 8. Not only is the colorway on point, but it’s a celebration of LeBron finding a new home in Miami.

The shoe sports Nike’s new shade of teal known as “Retro” throughout the smooth leather upper, while black works along the eyelets, tongue and midsole area. Additionally, pink flash is seen accenting throughout, creating a “Miami Vice” look, that could not have been any more fitting. Completing the look, a filiment green translucent 360 Air unit is seen below.

The “South Beach” edition of the Nike Air Max LeBron 8 will be available in limited quantities from Eastbay, November 19th.

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Author: Luis


  1. teemasuoka says:

    Liking the colorway on these more than i did last month. Theyre actually growing on me and look good in these pictures.

  2. manansala201 says:

    colors are too fruity lookin for my taste, but the shoe itself and the materials are A+

    i personally like the grey and black ones that are coming out

  3. Andrew says:

    I need these… ASAP!

  4. Jägermeister says:


  5. Shoop says:

    I’m hype that I already got a pair. And no I do not live in Miami. I’m gonna cop another pair though to resell as well.

  6. 8403 says:

    Wont be able to copp these cause I have a date with myfundsarelow.

  7. SneakerHead says:

    Does anyybody know what the price will be?

  8. mork23 says:

    ndc will also be releasing these

  9. jd says:

    so are these the preheats?

  10. mr 301 says:

    should be exclusively for women… if my girl likes them ill get’em for her.. i wouldnt get caught in these..

  11. lakers33 says:

    i dont purchase basketball boots in any colorway so no thanks.

  12. sbtheghost87 says:

    this color way is the best so far. @shoop its dudes like you that kill the sneaker game bc you already have a pair and you going to cop another pair to resell it for more than its worth. People like you kill me SMH

  13. J-Money says:


  14. Shoop says:

    @sbtheghost87 I copped my pair from a dude on ebay that copped them at Miami HOH. And he charged me an arm and a leg but I wanted these badly so I didn’t mind paying what it took to get my hands on something that’s going to be so hard to get when it releases. So, I’m just being smart about it. I know for a fact that there are going to be people who will pay what I paid for these so don’t mind what I do just worry about you’re gonna do.

  15. brwnhornet says:

    nice shoes if you are 14 yr. old girl that listens to justin beiber…

  16. PjPete says:

    South Beach, North Beach, Any Beach, all the way……….

  17. Kjon says:

    ballin kicks rite dar… lil pricy tho yall no wat i mean

  18. Woody11 says:

    Hey, will these shoes be the same as the ones that were already released? Also, will they be just as rare? In other words, will these have the same value and be worth as much as the South Beaches already released?? Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

  19. CreativeRoyalty says:

    These will be a great birthday gift for me. I don’t mind rocking em cause I’m a young woman.

  20. steven desir says:

    i think 160 but not sure i wondder how much

  21. Lil d says:

    I kinda like these but will not wear these because I’m a lakers fan it’s 3peat for the lakers sorry big 3 miami

  22. askyagrl says:

    The colorway is a little different from the pre heats. These will be nowhere near as coveted, so I hope you guys resell the wrong pair.

  23. JulieBrez says:

    @SneakerHead the price on these would be $159.99

  24. Justin says:

    these are a must all they need is a matching tee and some hoop shorts and we good i wonder if lebron would wear these in a game

  25. kidzilla says:

    we they have these in a 14??

  26. BigK says:

    One word “RAW”

  27. hunter noris says:

    i nees this shoes how do i9 get them please contact me at 3362441046 or email me

  28. Sam says:

    Can somebody tell me where I can get a pair of these? I don’t live in miami

  29. willliam says:

    i am feeling these, nice colorways

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  31. damian says:

    I love the colorway. Sadly therés no way I will get them here in Buenos Aires…

  32. andy says:

    i love these shoes but i dont like lebron james