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Nike Air Max 360 BB Low Preview

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In our Sneaker Watch coverage we saw Rajon Rondo make the move to a new style recently. Rondo was spotted in a Player Exclusive colorway of the Nike Air Max 360 BB Low. Although Rondo and other players will likely continue to sport the shoe on court throughout the season, today we have our first preview of a trio of colorways that will become available in the spring.

The Air Max 360 BB Low shares some inherent design cues with last year’s Nike Air Max LeBron VII with the addition of some improvements. Equipped with a full 360 degree Air Max bag, the Air Max 360 BB appears to be well cushioned. The design uses Flywire technology throughout the upper keeping weight down for players like Rajon Rondo who need quick responsive shoes to help keep them at the top of their game. A molded TPU heel counter is also in the mix, offering lockdown that might have been slightly missing on the low cut version of the LeBron VII.

This trio of varsity colorways in blue, green and red will be just a few of the creations for this Nike Basketball shoe arriving in the Spring at Eastbay.

Nike Air Max 360 BB Low Preview Spring 2011 ColorwaysNike Air Max 360 BB Low Preview Spring 2011 ColorwaysNike Air Max 360 BB Low Preview Spring 2011 ColorwaysNike Air Max 360 BB Low Preview Spring 2011 Colorways

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. LOVEtheXIV says:

    He rolled his ankle SOOOOO bad in these last night! Night the right shoe for him. Stick to zoom Rajon!

  2. LOVEtheXIV says:

    *Not the right shoe

  3. mtgyles says:

    Looks like a low cut lebron 8. you can tell they took cues from the 8

  4. teemasuoka says:

    He should stick to the hyperfuses.

  5. RyanXLisaT says:

    These look REAL NICE! Wouldn’t really use these to ball in as I play in mids.

  6. CharlesT says:

    OK, so Gilbert has been wearing the CMFT 12’s with no issues and Rondo wears a low-top basketball 360 and rolls his ankles? That’s incredibly unfortunate.

  7. nickair75 says:

    These are awesome, Love all 3 colourways, quite funny people recommending a pro what shoe to use!!

  8. airpenny says:

    Got excited for a second and thought they were carrying on a variation of the real BB line! BB2’s are the best shoes I’ve ever balled in

  9. Cors says:

    360 Aair Max just does not belong on a low-cut. Just asking for ankle injuries. Only thing that could be worse is friggin Shox on a low-cut shoe

  10. rikdaddy says:

    Those look tight, but I’m scared to play in low tops.

  11. miked23 says:

    anybody know how much these are going to cost?

  12. Nick DePaula says:

    Retail is $140, I believe.

  13. Rodger says:

    rondo rolling his ankle is probably an unfortunate setback to the popularity of these shoes..

  14. Nice shoe, but please Rondo, stick w/the Hyperfuse high. We’re gonna need those ankles in the Finals come June 2011.

  15. Conor says:

    $140 for these? That’s kind of a lot.

  16. JulieBrez says:

    Confirmed $139.99

  17. AussieHoops says:

    They looked so bulky on Rondo that night he rolled his ankle.

  18. DMellow says:

    I will buy the blue and green pair if I can find them in a size 14 this spring …