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Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey Release

words_Nick Engvall

Jordan Brand seems to have found a way to contribute to the craziness that is the holiday season. This year’s biggest holiday release has been talked about for many months. Thankfully all of the waiting and planning comes to an end in less than 8 hours when the Jordan Retro Cool Grey 11 finally becomes available.

Really, the Jordan Retro 11 needs no explanation. The shiny patent finish has created one of the greatest followings in the history of sneakers. This year’s release featuring an ice blue bottom seems to be grabbing just as much attention as last year’s Space Jams, if not more. The Jordan 11 Cool Grey colorway will be available in sizes from infants all the way up to men’s sizes.

The wait is almost over: Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey

Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. monta says:

    gotta have these

  2. summer rose says:

    Im counting down the hours!! Must have… no doubt!!

  3. Kyle says:

    Cant waittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just a few more hours baby

  4. mandeep says:

    gonna get em on here!!! sz 13 and 12 watch out !!!!!

  5. g money says:

    finna get these muggs

  6. Willy says:

    Give me 2 pair!

  7. jayman says:

    i bet the website shuts down from all the bandwidth overload… only a few lucky people will even be able to buy them online. bank that.

  8. MJSF says:

    Still have the ’01 on ice but have to add the ’10 to my jays stash on GP.

    haters already know

  9. jordan junky says:

    just got home from a midnight release had a great time with the other sneakerheads and love the kicks. jordan rules

  10. ibuyshoesalot says:

    i bought these shoes off a guy on broadway for $150 earlier today. he said he had them for about a week in the warehouse. sweet deal. no tax. i didnt like the box though. cheaper than the og box. plus the sole is almost a blue instead of a clear gum.

  11. poledancerfan says:

    these shoes are gonna be on sale next month. suurplus

  12. ryan says:

    will there be a restock??

  13. borregs says:

    i got mine on after i waited an hour on the hold with eastbay only for them to tell me theres no more size 12s left..went over to and placed an order online hopefully i don’t get a phone call from nike saying sorry were already out of stock i need these to add to my collection the white 25 year anniversary 11’s and my Spacejams……….Thanks alot Eastbay for nothing don’t dissapoint me again next month with the 3’s

  14. lakiyyah scott says:


  15. JulieBrez says:

    @ryan no restock is expected.

  16. jordan junky says:

    i got screwed with nike .com on the dorenbacher 3’s and i will never go there again so i hope borregs i hope you don’t get screwed like i did. good luck

  17. jordan junky says:

    but the more i see these shoes the more i love them

  18. Jana says:

    Got them for 265 on Ebay…str8 from China lol

  19. Fresh says:

    Didn’t get mine playa! Eastbay had a 14hr wait.

  20. Marc Duane Bagby says:

    duh…same old same old

  21. Johnny says:

    All this hype over a pair of overpriced sneakers and they aren’t even good lookin’

  22. nonyobusiness says:

    Shoes keep getting uglier and uglier. Only an uneducated welfare check cashing thug would buy and wear these cheap, gaudy looking pieces of trash. Burn them all.

  23. Fishy says:

    cool… whatever but i like the blue

  24. Jason says:

    Waste of money. If it didnt have the logo you all wouldnt pay $20 and would think they’re ugly as uck. There are kids with no shoes to wear at all. Give your money to your local boys and girls club or red cross.

  25. RON MEXICO says:

    these kicks are PHUKIN trash


  26. Dallas Lewis says:


  27. dumb says:

    Wow what lame shoes