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Jordan, Magic Not Big On “Super Team” Idea

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Since taking his talents down to South Beach, LeBron James has found himself on the wrong end of a media blitz that is questioning whether or not he has what it takes to be the leader of a NBA Championship winning team. While critics aren’t necessarily panning LeBron for wanting better players next to him in the huddle, they are intrigued by the fact that LeBron openly chose to play with somebody who is viewed as his equal. Seven years into their respective playing careers, one could argue that Dwyane Wade has been the more successful player. While LeBron has a leg up in regular season MVP awards, Wade has a NBA Championship ring and a Finals MVP trophy to go with it. Did LeBron take the easy way out when he opted to play with somebody who has already gotten it done?

At a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada last weekend, Michael Jordan was asked about LeBron’s decision to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. “There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry [Bird], called up Magic [Johnson] and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team,'” Jordan said. “But that’s … things are different. I can’t say that’s a bad thing. It’s an opportunity these kids have today. In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Earvin “Magic” Johnson” at Baruch College in New York on Tuesday. “We didn’t think about it cause that’s not what we were about,” Johnson said. “From college, I was trying to figure out how to beat Larry Bird.” Johnson also added that the idea of that type of union never entered his mind because it hadn’t been done before.

When James made his decision, he pointed out the fact that championship teams of the past were successful because of a group of stars as opposed to just one. Of course, we know Magic had the fortune of developing alongside Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. Michael Jordan spent majority of his playing career with Scottie Pippen as his running-mate. However, there are differences worth noting in all of these situations. As great as Pippen was, he was never viewed as being Jordan’s peer. Magic was able to come into the league under the guidance and leadership of Abdul-Jabbar, but seized control of those duties when Kareem was on the downside of his career. Most importantly, neither player made the choice to team up with these players. Their unions were a product of the NBA Draft.

Perhaps it’s unfair to contemplate the legacy of LeBron James half-way through his playing career. It was only a short time ago that Kobe Bryant was all but written off as the latest in the line of “Jordan pretenders.” As we’ve seen time and time again in sports, winning cures all. However, the opinions of two of the league’s all-time great competitors will not fall on deaf ears. Even in the most polite roundabout way, they’ve expressed disagreement with LeBron’s choice. How do you feel about the comments made by Michael and Magic?

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Author: Brandon Richard


  1. Nene33 says:

    It’s easy for them to say that, since their teams were able to get them a Hall of Fame support cast. The 10 Heat is more like the 80’s Lakers, or 90’s Bulls than both are willing to admit.

    With all the bandwagon LeBron haters, I’m hoping he’ll win MVP, and Finals MVP next season, averaging a Triple-Double for the year, just to shut ’em up.

  2. dewitt george says:

    It got champships writen all over it for years to come

  3. Jamaal G says:

    I find it weird that this article doesn’t talk about the boston big 3 (or now should i say big 4). Pierce is the only one of them that was actually picked by boston. Garnett and Allen both moved to the Celtics to form a “super team” and all of them were great players in their prime. Rondo also wasn’t picked by boston but came through them. I just don’t think that you can ignore that it has been done before.

  4. godfred awuah says:

    they all deserve to be champions.

  5. Saint V's says:

    Leave the young man alone, he played out his contract in Cleveland, is now moving on. Was there a fuss when MJ went to baseball then back to Chicago. Lebron is a young man, he has choices to make, If you do not like them SORRY it is his life. He will learn by trail like we all did, personally I seen him as a freshman, thought he was not all that good for the hype. Could hardly make a free throw. Dynomite first step. looks for others who may be open all the time. Lebron is not about scoring titles. He is a winner and want to win a ring , I do blame him for going to Florida.

  6. Saint V's says:

    I stand corrected I meant I do not Blame him for going. Sorry Lebron. I am an Ohio native, Have a wonder career in Miami.

  7. Dillion says:

    To be honest its true, lebron made a choice that was best for him, just like we all make choices in life that are the best of our interest, what people should say is yes lebron is a good player, but going to join miami has ruined the chances of him being compared to the greatest stars micheal jordan etc. FULLSTOP.. Lebron is lebron he’s not an NBA legend, he’s just a star! What people dont realise is that people who have joined other teams have never gone down as legends of their own team, the miami heat is dwayne wades team and whatever happens in terms of championships, he will always be a legend in that team with or without lebron. But with them teaming up and the level of competition having a big gap in between, we can all say that 2 Miami Heat championships=1 Championship 😀

  8. Nick says:

    I agree that magic’s team was very close to the miami big 3 but it was the team he was drafted too. It’s amazing how people who hate Kobe and are for Lebron being the next Jordan keep changing their stories. First they say, Lebron was able to win 60 games without any help like Michael Jordan. Now they are saying Michael Jordan’s team was just as good as the heat team now in terms of star power. Jordan had an above decent cast. Kobe Bryant was losing because he had Smush Parker at point guard and Kwame Brown at center for his prime years of his career. Now all it took was Pau Gasol and they just made 3 streight finals and just won back to back championships. Kobe is going to win it again this year and it will be funny when lebron loses with bosh and wade on his team.