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Innovation is the key to becoming better in everything that we do. When it comes to sports equipment, there are very few innovations that really change the direction of the culture, and oftentimes the technology is years in the making. Under Armour has a new (to the public) creation that might be the next innovation that changes the way you work out and participate in sports. The technology in the new line of Under Armour ArmourBite mouthpieces and mouthguards has been in the works for about 15 years. However, if you think about it, it’s something that humans have been unknowingly been researching for many more years.

Introducing the Under Armour ArmourBite Dating back to early Viking warriors that used to bite on leather when they set out for battle, we’ve had a vague idea that there were benefits to clamping down in an effort to get more out of our own capabilities. There were other signs throughout history as well. We’ve seen it depicted in movie scenes where someone, such as a wounded soldier or a woman giving birth, is seemingly able to will themselves past their own limits by clenching their jaw and biting down on a towel as they persevere on. Thankfully, after years of less-appealing substitutes, Under Armour has been working on the keys to creating performance mouthwear.

For the last 15 years, scientists have researched the technology behind the Under Armour ArmourBite line.  It seems that all those years of research have paid off. Under Armour’s Performance Mouthwear has been shown to increase strength by an average of 17 percent with the ArmourBite Mouthpiece (for non contact sports such as baseball, cycling, and tennis) and 12 percent with the Armourbite Mouthguard (for contact sports such as football, hockey, and martial arts). For athletes like football players, who spend as much time in the weight room as they do on the field, switching up to the ArmourBite Mouthpiece while lifting should help them add some more plates to that bar.

A handful of professional athletes have already been using Bite Tech mouthwear, (the company behind the ArmourBite technology); Derek Jeter, Larry Fitzgerald, Georges St-Pierre, Lindsey Vonn and Adrian Peterson are just the beginning of an impressive list. In fact, over a dozen professional athletes have taken the phrase “put your money where your mouth is” literally and invested in Bite Tech, the company that has partnered with Under Armour to create ArmourBite. For athletes that aren’t used to wearing mouthguards, such as golfers, the ArmourBite Mouthpiece is almost unnoticeable when speaking. In fact, a number of professional golfers, including Hunter Mahan and Bruce Fleisher, already wear the Mouthpiece, but you wouldn’t even notice it.

About a year and a half ago, Under Armour made these available through dentists around the country, but at a price of over $300, which is a little steep for most of us amateur athletes, despite the performance gains, reduced stress and increased endurance it offers. Now bringing it to the public for the first time, however, Eastbay makes it available for just $59.99.

Just like Under Armour has shown their ability to lead the way in developing performance compression apparel, ArmourBite is poised to help them take their place at the forefront of performance mouthwear.

Introducing the Under Armour ArmourBite MouthpieceIntroducing the Under Armour ArmourBite Mouthguard



  • Brandon SIng:

    I have a question about the amourbite product. I am looking into the one that is for non-contact and was wondering how I can know what size I need? Can you let me know some information about this. Thank you

  • ds:

    yeah like if i was playing basketball which would i use? and does the mouthpiece provide protection?

  • Ariel:

    How do i know if im a size medium or large?

  • Lawrence:

    The upper is for contact sports and the lower is for non-contact activities, though many contact sport athletes wear the lower product while they are working out, running stretching, etc, and then use the upper when they are in the game. both provide the performance benefits through the wedges. Most male adults, though not all, should fit well in the large size. Women may skew more to the smaller size, though of course there are exceptions.

  • Tyler:

    $59.99??? You’ve got to be kidding me! Way over priced. It’s just a mouthgaurd. I could get one equally as good for $0.99

  • Dental:

    These mouthguards don’t do anything special. The increase in “strength” is due to your body’s response to chewing on the mouthguard. The same response can be triggered by chewing on ANYTHING. Not worth your money.

  • Brite Eyes:

    Thinking of getting a set of these. It costs less than my orthodontist guard that he customizes.

  • laxboy:

    yo i play goalie in lax do these stick in ur mouth so u can talk

  • Jay G:

    Does anyone know how these compare to the custom fitted ones you get from a dentist?

  • MANNY:

    I was just wondering if this would be good for boxing as well?

  • Joe:

    These really do work. I feel stronger when I wear it and I don’t get tired as fast when I’m playing basketball or soccer. Its definitely not the same as a regular $1 one – this has technology that is patented that is scientifically proven. I’m convinced now that it works because I tried it myself.

  • Bob:

    The mouthpiece was all over the combine this weekend. I saw 20+ guys wearing it and according to some articles I read, some guys beat their personal bests with it: Julio Jones, Brian Rolle and Zane Taylor were specifically mentioned. Eisen also joked about before he ran his 40 with it, but even he set his personal best with it. Seems crazy, but those guys wouldn’t wear it if it didn’t work.

  • Lawrence:

    upper is great for boxing and any contact sport. George St Pierre and Brock Lesnar wear it. also you can speak very clearly with it in because it stays locked in your mouth.

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