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Introducing the Jordan 6-17-23

words_Nick Engvall

In the world of sneakers styles are mix and matched repeatedly. With every person having their own unique tastes, this process in creating a “new” silhouette tends to leave people with mixed feelings on the process. The idea in mixing and matching, or in hybrid shoes has been around as long as there has been sneakers. Although we may not think of them in the same way, shoes like the Nike Cortez evolved into the Nike Waffle Racer in the seventies as the demands for runners changed. In the eighties, the Nike Air Force 1 evolved through the mixing and matching process into shoes like the Nike Command Force.

The Jordan 6-17-23 comes to us in the same fashion with a slight twist. It’s all about #23.

By taking the Air Jordan 6 and the Air Jordan 17, choosing the most notable design cues and blending them into one shoe, adding the 6 and 17 to give you 23, and giving the shoe today’s performance capabilities, you have the Jordan 6-17-23. For the first colorway, Jordan uses one of the most memorable colors of the Jordan 6, the Carmine colorway. A closer look at the Jordan 6-17-23 reveals the musical notes on the tongue which came from the jazz inspiration of the Jordan 17, as well as the aglets. The nubuck upper, clear outsole and ankle details come from the Jordan 6. Vis Air and Zoom Air units give the shoe its cushioning as well as its credibility for on court use.

Available now: Jordan 6-17-23

Jordan 6-17-23Jordan 6-17-23Jordan 6-17-23Jordan 6-17-23Jordan 6-17-23

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. teemasuoka says:

    Fail shoe imo.

    What’s with the music notes on the shoe tongue?

  2. BRich says:

    The Jordan XVII was partially inspired by jazz.

  3. AJXXI says:

    its the same music notes from the 17s

    i saw them in person 2day an their not that bad… mite get em wen they go on sale

  4. braddhaEEE says:

    If got em cheap, Id tear up for another project, or make a display or sumthin lol
    Pretty horrible cdp mashup.. shud b winterized or sumthin..

  5. teemasuoka says:

    Oh.. I wouldnt know. Thanks for the updates. (Never owned a pair of 17s.)

  6. Mr.SwellJobHimself says:

    those are not as ugly as i thought but they not dope either, id get em when they do price cuts

  7. MT-T says:

    but ugly


  9. Wow says:


  10. DEATHCHEATER says:

    I like this concept much better than i do of the air jordan air force one collab. if you didn’t get any of the countdown packages, here is a good way to capture some of what you missed in a best of both worlds in one deal

  11. LITTLE JAY says:

    I think the sneakers are hot but i hate the colors on them once they come out with new colors then ill get them

  12. WUPREME says:


  13. anthony says:

    are they a lightweight shoe that can be used on the court?

  14. Coolmackjon says:

    i hate these waste of money