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Inside The Michael Jordan Building

words & images_Nick DePaula

While a no-cameras-allowed tour of the Nike Innovation Kitchen, Nike Sports Research Lab and Jordan Brand Design Space may have been the most eye-opening experience of the day for the eight Future Sole Finalists and their families, the display lobby of the Michael Jordan Building still featured some amazing artifacts to drool over.

Original pairs of each Air Jordan model that Michael sported on-court, along with several original documents, movie props and game-worn pairs left several of the aspiring designers in complete awe.

Check out our inside look at the lobby of the Michael Jordan Building below.

For more information on the 2010 Future Sole Design Competition, take some time to check out this year’s field of finalists:

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Author: Nick DePaula


  1. BRich says:

    OG Nike contract !!!!!

    If those are originals…explain why mine are yellowed and cracked to death.

  2. teemasuoka says:

    SImply amazing that they have all these shoes.

  3. Im Off That says:

    i so wanna go there

  4. Nene33 says:

    Awesome pics, they really should release info on how they keep ’em looking so fresh though, because they look great.

  5. 62in3 says:

    kobe should have one of these in the future

  6. birdman says:

    Whos kobe?

  7. PAULLY C says:

    HAHA Brich i was thnking the same thing about how mine are all yellow and those look icy…

  8. Shoop says:

    That place looks cool. I wish I could visit one day.

  9. antonio says:

    i like those white/red VII’S especially without that mulitcolored tongue, i wished they would release those

  10. TURBO UNO says:

    Wow. I guess it helps to keep shoes stored in a constant cool temp control room. All of them look great for their age.

  11. john says:

    Nasty, straight nasty.

  12. Ty says:

    Like above, very curious as to how they keep them looking icy. I’ve tried silica packs, ziplock bags, stored in dark closet etc. Mine last about 6 months ( V’s and VI’s ) before they yellow. Nothing seems to work. Great article SC. Love seeing pics like these…

  13. ddf says:

    they get yellow because of reaction with oxygen. they’re probably vacuum sealed.

  14. Cmiller says:

    its like heaven……..

  15. Ian says:

    Take me here! YEAH!

  16. @BRich

    I thought the same thing!

  17. nikeairjosh says:

    iwonder wat 9s are those! inever seen dem shxts ever

  18. mj234eva says:

    The condition of those OG’s=NOT FAIR!!!

    Those White/Cement IV’s are retros.

    Those Sample Hares are looking nice too.

  19. aaronmac25 says:

    i can tell you that those concords have a new sole on them cause those are ice blue like the cool greys

  20. Fraze says:

    Wow for some reason these pics really make me feel nostalgic.
    Great stuff SC.

  21. holababymilo says:

    omg original deadstock autographed beauties from 1 – 23 im like amazed

  22. James says:

    They also have at least one pair (he played in) at the Chicago History Museum.

  23. MJO23DAN says:

    Lovin all those kicks. Everything is so fresh!

  24. DBREEZEY says:

    I’m Going there september 27th

  25. ozzyboi95 says:

    wanna go there so badd

  26. airjking says:

    @aaronmac25, all the OG concords came with that icy blue sole.

  27. If a tour is available, I would like to bring my sons tosee the Michael Jordan Building Where is it located?

  28. cameron says:

    the 9s are his baseball edition he wore when he retired from basketball and was playing for the barons

  29. jordan junky says:

    that would be a dream come true

  30. Thats like a dream come true!

  31. devante pompey says:

    best collection i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. JulieBrez says:

    @Marcus Carpenter – The Michael Jordan building is located on the Nike Campus in Beaverton, OR.
    There are no tours available to the public.

  33. ochibi says:

    where are 19 to 23 picts? aj 2010 should be there

  34. lucky13mj says:

    Those 9’s are baseball spikes. If you look real close, you can see the metal spikes on the bottom… They even retroed these a few years back. I had a pair of Retro 9 baseball spikes… They were awesome.

  35. KEN says:


  36. darren says:

    Man I wish mine still looked like that, Why hasent the ones in the case turned yellow?, how do they keep them from turning yellow? please tell all jordan lovers how you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. DRUMattX says:

    Hmm…makes me think I should strap on my J’s, drive the 15 minutes and visit this building sometime soon…Consider this article inspiration to finally see this in person.

  38. jordan junky says:

    this building is sweet but the history in it is better n no player playing now is able to do what he did. so don’t think that anybody else will be getting a building any time soon.

  39. Varonda says:

    Shoot when they going let us know how much for admission, i want to go.

  40. boywnder347 says:

    those 5’s with the black and yellow bottom nvr seen those

  41. JEREMYJ20 says:

    Down right makes a man want to cry. those pictures are so sharp and clear. Jesus i must find a way to get there.

  42. butter says:

    tell me these jordan’s anit fire? somebody please tell me !

  43. jk says:

    i dig on how it’s only the shoes he wore. no 15’s, 16’s, or 19 to 23. wish it was open to the public.

  44. Sn3aker_H0lic says:

    A dream come true…