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Eastbay Memory Lane // Tim Hardaway’s Nike Air Zoom T-Bug Flight

words // Brandon Richard

Following the Air Jordan XX8 launch and the anticipated upcoming re-release of Gary Payton’s “The Glove” Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98, shrouded hoop models are making an impact on today’s basketball sneaker market. With that in mind, perhaps it’s also time to considering bringing back Tim Hardaway’s 1998 signature model, the T-Bug Flight.

Before Shaq teamed up with “Flash” in 2005 or the “Big Three” was formed in 2010, Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning were putting Miami Heat basketball on the map in the late-90s. Together, Tim and ‘Zo led the Heat to six straight postseasons, going as far as the Eastern Conference Finals in 96-97, when they fell to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. However, this era will mostly be remembered for the rivalry established with the New York Knicks, the two teams meeting in the playoffs four years straight. The run didn’t produce an NBA Championship, but it did set the tone for a franchise that has since won three.

At the height of Hardaway’s time with the Heat, Nike laced the master of the crossover up in the Air Zoom T-Bug Flight, a lightweight model highlighted by its spandex fit inner sleeve. Other features include a synthetic and mesh build, hidden zipper eyestay system, forefoot Zoom and Nike Air in the heel. The shoe was released in a Heat-inspired black and red colorway with an orange bootie and an alternate white and silver style.

For today’s Eastbay Memory Lane, we take a look back at the T-Bug Flight, as well as several other Nike Basketball classics from Fall ’98. Have a look at the throwback page below and let us know if you’d like to see Tim’s old sig make a return. 

Eastbay Memory Lane // Tim Hardaway's Nike Air Zoom T-Bug Flight

Author: Brandon Richard


  1. Promoman says:

    I had a pair of these. They were basically a takedown of the Paytons. The upper is based on what they looked like when you unzipped the Paytons all the way. They were pretty light & comfy. They were best for indoor games. I had the black colorway.

  2. micah says:

    Monkey paws! This page itself is ridiculous with the shoes, Pips, Garnett I, Pro Strong, Total Air Foam Max, Uptempo Max, CB4 II, Team Max Zoom, and Operate Uptempo. Those are some great Nike shoes

  3. Keno says:

    All heat from back in the day…this was during the time nike’s roster of consisted of some of the best players in the NBA….what happen to them days, not too many players with sig’s…Oh yeah, I still have my T-bug’s in white & they are in great condition considering I only hoop indoors in them….white/black/silver colorway, by the way….bring them all back…jumpman pro strong….best jordan brand sneak besides the air jordan…

  4. Ron says:

    The prices!!! I long for those days.

  5. david moore says: