Basketball / 08.13.12

Eastbay Memory Lane: Reebok Basketball 2001

words // Zack Schlemmer

The year was 2001 and Allen Iverson was at the height of his popularity, winning the NBA MVP honors and taking the Philadelphia 76ers to the Finals that year.  On his feet for that MVP season were the Answer IV, coincidentally one of the most popular signature models in his long line with Reebok Basketball. With its sleek and sweeping design featuring a zippered lace cover, it was the perfect shoe to compliment AI’s game.  The retro release of the Answer IV is now available from Eastbay in its black/white colorway.  Pick them up before they are gone again!

On this page we also have Steve Francis’ signature shoe: the Wink DMX.  Steve Francis, like Iverson, was one of the most electrifying players of the time. Apparently he thought pretty highly of the Wink (and himself) as you can see with his quote on the page: “The hottest thing to touch the Earth since I was born.”  Elsewhere we see an early re-release of Iverson’s always classic Question as well as various other long since forgotten Reebok models like the updated Pump, Flash DMX and Jasper DMX.

Author: Zack Schlemmer


  1. Clinton says:

    I picked up my Black/White Answer IV’s, and they don’t have the DMX technology in them. Seeing this dang near hurts, as I wanted these so bad as a kid, and when I finally got a pair they were a size 13 (which was way too big for me). I didn’t even care, and was just happy to have them and feel that DMX air flow. Wearing my Black/White IV’s today is a gift/curse because it reminds me of how bad I wanted them and how they don’t feel the same, but at the same time I’m happy to have them just to have them…..

    Still want old DMX back, no matter how Reebok needs to do it…..

  2. adiCT says:

    Hey Clinton! Really? They don’t have DMX? That sucks 🙁 But there’s a DMX branding on the shoe right? 🙁