Basketball / 12.14.12

Eastbay Memory Lane // Nike Basketball Sale from 2000

words // Zack Schlemmer

Warning: If you are a Jordan Brand or Nike Basketball collector and don’t have a time machine, viewing this page may reduce you to tears.  Air Jordan XIV Low for $89.99…Air Jordan XIII for $49.99…Air Max Uptempo 3.0 for $69.99…Air Afterburner Flight for $49.99…the list goes on of classics that you would love to get for those prices now.

Forget the sale prices, there are surely some gems on this page you wouldn’t mind paying full price for now, like Vin Baker’s signature Jordan Brand shoe, the VINdicate.  Elsewhere are other classics like the Nike Air Vis Zoom Uptempo (the first shoe with Visible Zoom Air), Air Holistic Uptempo and, of course, the Air Penny IV.

For now we’ll just have to reminisce about the times when you could buy the best shoes at sale prices, but let me know if you invent that time machine.

Author: Zack Schlemmer


  1. The Air Holistic Uptempo’s are the cleanest sneaks on that page.

  2. xman says:

    most important thing on this page is the price

  3. Mark says:

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, like the XIV lows when they came out. Funny how the after market price on the blue/black is crazy now. Vin Baker having his own Jordan Brand Pro Model was and still is awesome.

  4. ace says:

    lol trunners….i remember me and my HS buddies bringing out eastbays to school…man…the good ol days….jordan needs to retro the price of dem j’s!

  5. Lem says:


  6. bluedragon says:

    this is a clearance page from Eastbay, the stuff that didnt sell as well. goes to show how much heat there was back then. this was near the end of the golden age of kicks

  7. jeff says:

    I had quite a few of these og in. highschool. n for round same prices wish id taken better care of my kicks back then 🙂

  8. Kronikhawaiian says:

    I forgot vin baker had his own sig kicks. I miss the days of being able to purchase Jordan’s without waiting and or disappointment.

  9. dwane says:

    Those lites were performance monsters.

  10. mineisbigger says:

    i still have 5 pairs on this page now…the afterburner flight are one of my favorites for ballin’

  11. O says:

    It is ashamed how the hype surrounding shoes today have led to the current state that we have today. It is nice to look back and see when things were more reasonable.

  12. bdogg says:

    they really need to retro the black toe xiv with no ribbing..loved that shoe!! nuff said

  13. JJ says:

    Back when people wasn’t sucking dick for shoes like they do now