Basketball / 08.20.12

Eastbay Memory Lane: Nike Basketball 1997

words // Zack Schlemmer

In this edition of Eastbay Memory Lane we take a look at a page filled to the brim with classic Nike Basketball models from 1997.  Let’s start with the two beloved full length Air Max shoes, the Air Pippen and the Air Max Uptempo.  The Air Pippen was Scottie Pippen’s first official signature shoe and sported the aforementioned full length Air Max unit and unique gem piping across the shoe.  The Air Pippen has seen its share of retro releases and is a hit every time.  The Air Max Uptempo, now referred to as the Air Max Uptempo III or ’97, is another heavy hitter from 1997 worn by countless pros.  We see its original colorways here, including a nice white/navy blue women’s version. The Air Movin’ Uptempo is the Air Max Uptempo’s little brother with a take-down design and only visible Air in the heel.  How nice is that black and blue colorway?

The classics keep coming as we see two more signature shoes with Jason Kidd’s Zoom Flight Five and Charles Barkley’s Air CB 4 “97”.  Just like the Air Pippen, the Zoom Flight Five was Jason Kidd’s first official signature shoe.  The Flight Five has been available on Nike iD for years now, but we are still waiting for a return of its original colorways seen here.

To fill out the rest of the page are three more dope, although forgotten, models.  The Air Rattle from the NDESTRUKT line was a tough and durable shoe made to stand up to outdoor play.  Dennis Rodman’s Air Shake gets all of the glory from the NDESTRUKT models, but the Air Rattle is another solid release in Nike’s ultra-durable basketball  line.  Elsewhere we have the clean women’s Air Max Madness and the interesting Air Hops Flight.

There is a lot to choose from on this page, but which ’97 classic is your favorite?


Author: Zack Schlemmer


  1. Coflowfan8 says:

    Yoooo…lol i remember leafing through Eastbay checking off everything I wanted…ending up with about a 2500 dollar bill at the end lol…and got NONE of it. The pain of having big a*s feet

  2. j says:

    Those pippens and air max uptempo mid needa make a come back!! fire

  3. Billou says:

    OMG the Air Movin’ Uptempo ! I used to have the white/red/black model ! A very nice sneaker i’ve worn lot of years, until the shoes literally falls apart.

    The best one of this page are definitively the Air Pippen !

  4. Chris B. says:

    Brings back memories I was 16 without a care in thhe world could cop all the shoes I wanted!

  5. Dave S says:

    Air Rattle NDESTRUKT!! Best fitting pair of shoes I ever owned, and they lasted for years…. Pieces of cr*p now only last part of a season and lack padding… I’d buy 10 pairs if I could find them online anywhere!!?? Guys – anyone know where to find these?