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Eastbay Memory Lane: Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey

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This year’s most anticipated sneaker release date has been December 23rd. One of the most popular Jordan shoes of all time will release for the second time that day, the Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey colorway. In anticipation of the upcoming release, we thought it was only appropriate to take a look back at the original release of the Jordan 11 Cool Grey in this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane post.

It was March of 2001 that saw this never before seen colorway hit the Eastbay Catalog for the only time. Although the colorway wasn’t one of the original releases of the Jordan 11 that tied to Michael Jordan’s typical Chicago Bulls or North Carolina inspired makeups, it quickly became one of the most sought after shoes of its time.

As it releases for the second time, a few changes have been made but the anticipation for the new version is still as high as it can be. As we showed you some of the Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey Collection earlier this month, check out the catalog from March of 2001 below for some of the other releases that went along with this unforgettable shoe.

Eastbay Memory Lane: Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. Menace says:

    Seems ages ago but I can still remember buying those XVIs too. Looking at the CG XIs, you didn’t make the soles look very icy back then!

  2. John jordan says:

    Wow… $125…

  3. Lem says:

    $125 that’s what I’m talking about!

  4. f says:

    notice the smoked outsole

  5. J D says:

    Alot of people complain about how the “quality” isn’t what it use to be & how the releases back in the day were so much better but I personally am feelin the ICEY sole much more than the “smoked” sole…. I’m really hopin the the blue-ish sole on this years release will resist the yellow disease much longer than other clear soles!

  6. Zoom says:

    I Still Got That Ebay 9 Years Old.. Them Cool Grey 11s Are Better Quality & Look Better Then The Ones !!

  7. jhanks says:

    The CG outsole is 10x better here. Also, funny that shimmersheen is what’s “in” back in ’01, look at that jordan 12 gear

  8. micdw42 says:

    125 smh what happened jb?

  9. josh says:

    the 16s are more then 11s, never again lol

  10. teemasuoka says:

    Ahh two great shoes. The Bred 16s and the CG 11s.

  11. kyosuke says:

    this is why i will not buy the new cgxi,its the principal of the matter. You pay 175 this year,2 years from now it will be $210.00 I want the new cgxi really bad but i have to take a stand, even if im just one person.

  12. yungdrseuss says:

    Those soles are smoked because they are sales samples yours truly owns a pair 😉