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Eastbay Memory Lane: Holiday 1995…Heaven

words // Nick Engvall

Typically when I dig through to find each week’s Eastbay Memory Lane post, I find so much good stuff that it’s hard to choose just one page from a catalog, and I end up picking a handful to share at a time. This week I came across a gem that I’ve been searching for ever since it was hinted that a Retro might be in the works for the near future.

We all know the Nike Air Max Penny will be releasing in classic Orlando Magic colors later this month, but another one of Penny Hardaway’s unforgettable sneakers is what deserves the attention. The Nike Air Flight One, since it has never been recreated in Retro form, is probably one of the most sought-after sneakers of all time. Considering the popularity of the Penny Hardaway signature line, and the fact that Michael Jordan himself once wore a pair of the Air Flight One, it’s no surprise that these are near grail status for many collectors.

Even though the Air Flight One didn’t carry the Penny namesake, it was undoubtedly the first of what most of us considering a signature Penny sneaker. Despite the various team colorways that were created, the number “1” on the heel tab, that Michael so rudely disposed of when he wore the shoes, was enough for anyone who watched Anfernee lead the Magic to a franchise record 70 wins during the 1995-96 season to know that these were the first of what could arguably be the greatest signature line in sneaker history.

Fittingly, word of the return of this iconic shoe came during the interview with Mark Dolce about another classic shoe that gained fame from Penny’s feet, the Air Go LWP.

Eastbay Memory Lane: Nike Air Flight One/Nike Air Penny

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. auditude says:

    heaven is correct. That has to be my favorite Eastbay page of all time.

  2. Poochie says:

    I have been looking for these for a while but was looking for these under the name of Penny’s. Thank you so much for putting a bug in Nike’s ear about releasing these kicks. I am drooling over the black with white sole joints!

  3. cube23 says:

    Woo! OG Penny’s were the bomb!!

  4. kdub says:

    are we gona see a come back??

  5. bbomb says:

    retro the flight ones and the way-ups….NOW!!!!

  6. LOVEtheXIV says:

    I still have my Air Flight ones at home. I’m super sure they do NOT have zoom (tensil) air in the forefoot. Only problem is they are still wearable and I wont be dissecting them anytime soon

  7. JonRegister says:

    LOVEtheXIV , you are in fact wrong. They do have Zoom in them they just had a firm midsole so you dont feel it like you did in the Zoom Flight 96

  8. Que? says:

    Do the retro penny ones still have tensile/zoom in forefoot?

  9. Jking says:

    everyone knows the shoes are fire, but that penny t-shirt is what i’d really like to see come back.

  10. snkerfiend says:

    i was just talkin about the air way up. i wish they would release those and the air ups.

  11. johnsons says:

    nike penny :)) haha …every other city we go…i see the same hoe..

  12. Gill SHOWTIME Haase says:

    I had the Nike 720 that they made a few years back those were amazing for 6th grade basketball games i mean when we went down to play a tournament they had the houps at 8 1/2 for 5-6 graders and me and my friend were dunking it in the games it felt amazing doing that but i now got Nike air and Nike zooms im also getting a new pair of hyper dunks shipped in

  13. I’m wondering about the release date for the Nike Air Max Penny 1 (Orlando) color. I thought Eastbay will have them by midnight (EST) on 11/10/11??

  14. its on march, 11, 2011

  15. Ctx35 says:

    So is eastbay going to get the Orlando color way? I had a pair when I was younger and I would love to cop these again