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Eastbay Memory Lane: All Sports 1987

words_Jordan Hagedorn

For this week’s version of Eastbay Memory Lane we check out the All Sports Eastbay catalog from 23 years ago. It features some classic sneakers from 1987 that have become mainstays in the shoe world.

I’ll start with page 4 featuring the vintage Air Max 1 Training shoe with visible Air coming in at the Eastbay price of $64.95. Don’t miss the ladies color right below that. Then the Air Safari “Walking” shoe with the iconic safari print.

You’ll see page 5 had some cross trainers including at the time “THE FIRST TECHNICAL ALL SPORTS TRAINING SHOE” as well as the Waffle Racer. Look at those coaching shorts – all I can say is wow.

Page 8 is the Nike Basketball page. You see some the brand new Air Jordan II in both original colors as well as the Air Force II and Delta Forces.

The next page was mostly the adidas basketball page with the Converse Weapons that Bird and Magic wore back in the day but in ELEVEN colors!

Author: Jordan Hagedorn


  1. gdiemaster says:

    Wow, Jordans for $80 o_o.

  2. MarcSJ says:

    Safari and Jordan 2’s are looking good. The good old days!

  3. Nick Engvall says:

    Wow. Reebok 5600, a fine shoe.

  4. Nene33 says:

    Nice, the Conductors, Magic’s Weapons, and the CONS……………….. 😥 bring back the real Converse shoes, non of that EVO-#@$%

  5. Menace says:

    Wow, love these looks back in time, I was in high school back then :-0

  6. Jeannie Hubing says:

    Do you have hard copies of any old catalogs. Any value in them? Looking for those first catalogs from the late 80’s.