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Eastbay Memory Lane // Air Jordan XI Black/Red 1996

Michael Jordan wearing Air Jordan XI 11 Black Red 1996 NBA Finals

words // Brandon Richard

In the spring of 1996, Nike released the Air Jordan XI in Black/True Red-White for Michael Jordan’s postseason run with the Chicago Bulls. The run proved to be historic, Chicago following up a record 72-win regular season with a successful bid for a fourth NBA Championship in six years. The lasting image from the Bulls’ Game 6 victory over the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA Finals is Michael Jordan crying on the locker room floor, overcome with emotion after winning the first championship that his father James wasn’t alive to see. On MJ’s feet for that title-clinching game and timeless NBA moment – the Black/Red Air Jordan XI.

This Friday, the Jordan Brand will officially re-release the Black/Red colorway for the third time. The shoe was initially brought back in December of 2001 and again as part of a Countdown Package in 2008. Four years later, you get another shot at owning this classic.

While you wait for the year’s most anticipated launch, check out an Eastbay Magazine page from Spring ’96 featuring the original Air Jordan XI. You can also check out some of the Jordan apparel they released for the “Columbia” and “Concord” colorways. Shop the Retro 11 Clothing┬áthat accompanies this year’s release here today.

Eastbay Memory Lane // Air Jordan XI Black/Red

Author: Brandon Richard


  1. Dre says:

    125$…..Long Time Ago…..

  2. Ra'Jay says:

    Wow $124.99 then and $185 now. SMH times have changed

  3. Donkey says:

    @Ra’Jay: If you adjust for inflation, the price has pretty much remained the same. According to the CPI Inflation Calculator, $124.99 in 1996 is equal to $183.40 in 2012.

  4. bdogg says:

    crazy…124.99 in ’96 and you did not have to camp or worry about a raffle to boot SMH

  5. BRich says:

    I bought the originals in ’96 – walked into a store days after release and copped my size off the shelf. Things have definitely changed.

  6. Delaan says:

    Kooollll favorite 11s of all tome

  7. Delaan says:

    Love dese shoes

  8. leaveithate says:

    Things have changed because all the rappers now wear almost exclusively Jordan’s. Ten years ago even four years hype wasn’t nearly as bad because rappers were wearing other footwear. Most people just follow the hype train they have no respect for the shoe nor have ever seen Jordan play. Its somewhat frustrating how you can walk into a store and grab a pair anymore.. Rap sucks and pop blows..

  9. JMag says:

    I love how there is 3 difference Nike Air sneaks and they all look almost identical

  10. c says:

    1996 – $125 for great condition

    2012 – $185 for terrible foot creasing fake material condition.

  11. RED says:

    I’m about to call that number lol

  12. Lem says:

    I remember walking into the store 2-3 weeks later and these were still on the shelves! Oh how times have changed.

  13. Corey Anfinson says:

    Basketball just isn’t the same without MJ, but I am glad they continue to make the kicks even though the good ones like the BREDS are very hard to get. I am 35 years old and have been chasing after fresh J’s since the late 80s. Unbelieveable but it still makes me feel like a kid again.

  14. Martin says:

    This was my eater outfit in 96. It’s not the value of the sneaker price that went up the $ went down

  15. Joel H says:

    I have tried to order the Retro 11 for days and Eastbay made it look like that their Retro 11 would be availiable on Dec. 21, 2012 at a certain time. As soon as the 1 second time period ended, I picked the size requested and guess what? No shoes could be ordered. What is this? It’s a BIG JOKE. It’s not right and it is misleading to us all. Why do this to us when you know the truth. Eastbay has lost my respect. It’s not FAIR!!!

  16. Eric says:

    I got the 11s. Best Jordan’s out. Haven’t ever seen anything better.