Basketball / 03.21.11

Eastbay Memory Lane: adidas Basketball 1996

words // Nick Engvall

It might be all the Crazy 8 Retros in the recent NCAA Watch coverage, or all the buzz in the Sole Collector Forums’ adidas Basketball thread; either way, this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane had me digging for some classic adidas Basketball. Of course, most notably from this section of the 1996 catalog is the EQT Top Ten 2000, which will probably shake up memories of Kobe Bryant doing his best Michael Jordan impression back in his rookie season.

A couple of other memorable silhouettes include the Post Up Mid and the adidas Rotation Mid. The Post Up Mid has since made a comeback, although short-lived, in a new and improved design. The adidas Rotation Mid, however, never made its way back since the late ’90s, despite it being one of the few adidas basketball shoes that came equipped with the popular forefoot strap.

Which of the models below would you like to see make a return in Retro form?

Eastbay Memory Lane: adidas Basketball 1996

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. Menace says:

    Sure brings back some memories!

  2. UKjordan says:

    After the sucess of the Crazy 8 i hope the EQT comes back

  3. jocrak says:

    they all ugly… keep em… i love the crazy 8s tho.. only in black n white …

  4. duke4005 says:

    Had the Web as team shoe my senior year. But out of all those, since we already had the 2000, I want the Bonus lo, especially with the resurgence of lows lately.

  5. thanks for letting me remember the garbage from the past

  6. k says:


  7. Jking says:

    trash of the past . . . .

  8. Nene33 says:

    I’d really like the Top Ten 2000 to come to miadidas.

  9. airbugzzy says:

    every single sneaker shown here is terrible … haha jking said first ” trash from the past” …

  10. Joshc says:

    very informative. Can I link this to my site?