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Eastbay Memory Lane: 2000 Jordan Lookbook Insert

words // Nick Engvall

For this week’s Eastbay Memory Lane, the obvious choice was to take a look back through the past for some Derek Jeter highlights. Of course, we’ve already taken a look at his latest Jordan shoe, the Jordan Jeter Cut. Since he’s been such a longtime member of Team Jordan, representing the Jumpman for essentially his entire career, there is plenty to choose from. There was one point, however, that was a key point both in Jeter’s career and the history of Jordan Brand.

Although, his recent accomplishment of 3,000 hits is probably now at the very top of his long list of accomplishments, the year 2000 was also a high point on the field for Jeter. Derek Jeter not only won the All-Star Game MVP in Atlanta, but he also went on to lead the New York Yankees to the World Series, and was named MVP of the World Series. He is the only player to accomplish both of these feats in the same season. Through the Series, Jeter hit an unbelievable .409 as the Bronx Bombers defeated their cross-town rivals the New York Mets.

It can’t be officially linked, but the success of Jeter may have been a direct correlation to the expanding Jordan Brand presence. In 2000, Jeter was one of 5 Jordan Brand athletes featured in a unique lookbook style catalog insert. The focus of the lookbook was the expanding Jordan apparel with unforgettable designs, like the “23 For Life.” and “Give Respect. Get Respect.” t-shirt designs. Of course, who could forget Jeter’s 3 Ring Vest, that paid tribute to his (at the time) 3 World Series victories wearing the Yankee pinstripes. Although the footwear, was also highlighted in the lookbook, we’ll save those for another stroll down memory lane and let New York and Jordan fans enjoy this blast from the past.

Eastbay Memory Lane: Jordan Catalog Insert from 2000, Derek Jeter.Eastbay Memory Lane: Jordan Catalog Insert from 2000, Derek Jeter.Eastbay Memory Lane: Jordan Catalog Insert from 2000, Derek Jeter.Eastbay Memory Lane: Jordan Catalog Insert from 2000, Derek Jeter.

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. flygearaward says:

    Johnny Justice= cool kicks and music on youtube!!!

  2. bbomb says:

    Great, but why aren’t you showing the shoes that came out then!?!

  3. jordan junky says:

    i agree , not much of a flash back

  4. MilliB says:

    Where are the shoes??? Baggy shorts and no socks.

  5. RobbyQ says:

    Since when is the year 2000 considered “Memory Lane?” Man, I must be getting old. And the guy on page 3 doesn’t even look like Jeter. He must be getting old too!

  6. BRich says:

    of course its a flash back – it damn near pre-dates the entire sneakerhead boom era