Brandon Jennings Talks Under Armour Basketball

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With the release of the Under Armour basketball line finally upon us, Sole Collector sat down for an exclusive interview with Brandon Jennings to talk about his first signature shoe: the Micro G Black Ice. Here’s the very first look at excerpts from that interview, and be on the lookout for the full interview in the upcoming Sole Collector basketball preview issue, coming soon.

Brandon Jennings talks about the Under Armour Basketball launch.

Sole Collector: What I want in a shoe is . . .

Brandon Jennings: Something different. I wanted something that I would play in. I’m a real picky guy when it comes to shoes. It has to be hot, it has to feel light when I’m in it, to be fast. Obviously, I’m fast. Just something different, and not something that everyone else is wearing.

Brandon Jennings talks about the Under Armour Basketball launch.My favorite colorway is . . .

All black. I was real impressed with the movie “Dark Knight,” and I wanted to make sure my shoe was all black. I have a Camaro that’s just all black, and it’s kind of like the Batmobile. I like black, and black can go with everything. With these shoes, I can rock them with jeans like now, and that means I’m gonna rock ’em a bunch.

The Micro G Black Ice is inspired by . . .

The strap is from my AP watch, and the stitching on it recognizes my family – my mom and my brother. The cut is just the gumby haircut. [laughs] I rock so many hairstyles, you just never know. Also, I wanted to have an ice bottom. I always wanted to have a clear gum bottom shoe. It was important that we had that, and that was basically it. Why it’s called “Black Ice” is because of the air freshener in my car. I always keep a new Black Ice in my car, wherever I go.

We waited two years to launch our first basketball because . . .

I just felt like we should take our time. There was no rush. Everybody was waiting for it, and we had Nike nervous, and they didn’t know when were going to come out with what, so it was just patience. We had patience and we have the right shoe, we have the right development, and everything was right about the shoe. You just can’t be in such a rush to just put a shoe out there and then have things go wrong. So, we wanted to make sure that we had the right shoe and we were able to be patient and take our time. There was no rush.

My shoe launch is finally here, and . . .

It’s a great feeling, but I’m still in the middle. It’s a humbling experience because of everything I’ve been through from two years ago. To be here launching my signature shoe, it’s a dream come true. Everybody dreams about being in the NBA and also having their own shoe. To even have that is a great feeling.

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Under Armour Micro G Black Ice

Under Armour Micro G Lite

Under Armour Micro G Fly

Brandon Jennings talks about the Under Armour Basketball launch.

Brandon Jennings talks about the Under Armour Basketball launch.



  • lakers33:

    he says he wanted something different yet this shoe has the heel of an AJ 21 and the silhouette of the AJ 2010? i prefer the blur’s.

  • nickair75:

    These certainly do resemble the 2010’s!!

  • Performance review please!

  • Nene33:

    Lol, I think you mean XX2 instead of XX1.

    Great looking shoe though, and overall Black Ice beats the 2010’s, and XX2’s in looks, by miles, plus first feedback on performance is spectacular. 8)

    UA taking care of business.

  • Vjamzz:

    Yea but the ankle cut is different, these are iLL man idc wat anybody says UA and BJ are doin they’re thing w/ these

  • these shoes are not anything different from the jordan shoe. bj abbreviation should be better left for only one word. jennings style is that of a young quick dude in the nba. congrats, but dont think you are being innovative or anything like that. win an nba title and put bogut back in aussie land.

  • teemasuoka:

    The shoes are too cool. I cant wait to get a look at the pair. Nice convo too

  • Astroox805:

    I own the jordans that you guys are comparing these too, design wise, this shoe (black ice) is clearly better! I just purchased this shoe (black ice) yesterday, once I tried them on, I had to buy them! I’m pretty tired of Nike and Jordan to be honest, change is good! Under Amour is on the right path!

  • coacho:

    What just because these shoes have a shiny black material on the front makes them look like jordans. Don’t think so. Actually, they look more like the tracy magrady’s that came out a couple of years ago.

  • Francis:

    It may look like some jordans,but still,its pretty dope.ideas,designs just go in circles,it pretty difficult to stay truely original.what matters is the performance it brings.if u dnt lyk it,den dnt buy it. A whole lot of sneaker heads just buy for the sake of having them,for bragging rights.and in the end,they’re just being pawned by the companies simply because of hype.whatever brand,design your kicks maybe,what’s important is the comfort it brings to your feet. Be it a shoe from payless,from china or HOH,it all depends on you.

  • Sean:

    kinda look lik the AJ 2010 but dis shoe is tight ,i lik it …there’s somethin’ new,i think

  • marc:

    I agree with coacho they do look more like the tracy Mcgradys then the AJ 2010

  • MJ’s will always be in style. BUT what counts on the court is performance. I’m looking forward to taking my son to try these on and see how they feel. He hasn’t had a pair of Jordan’s for ON the court since he was little and they just looked good. Now that he’s in high school the shoe he chooses has to help him perform. And unfortunately any Jordan’s we’ve tried don’t have the support, cutting ability, grip and light weight functions he needs in a basketball shoe.

  • christian:

    These look nice and ive kinda been woderin y UA hadnt made a basketball line yet but there here finally and they look nice.

  • zack:

    FEAR The DEER !! … i love those shoes

  • SnapCracklePop:


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