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adidas Superbeast Dwight Howard Home Detailed Look

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Usually you would reserve talking about the greatest shoe in a signature line until at least a handful or more years have gone by. However, with the latest Dwight Howard signature, the adidas Superbeast, it’s kind of hard not to talk about how impressive the progression of his shoe line is.

adidas Basketball has stepped up for Dwight’s next signature model. The adidas Superbeast is lighter and faster than the TS Beast that “Superman” started the season with. The iconic adidas Three Stripes have been mixed into the strong and breathable Sprint Skin-laden side panels. The adidas Z-Torsion System is double stacked for optimum transition and cushioning is handled by the adidas ALIVE system. The Cilia-patterned outsole handles traction, while the icy clear finish of the outsole gives the Superbeast some added style points to say the least.

Available now: adidas Superbeast

adidas Superbeast Dwight Howard Home Detailed Look

adidas Superbeast Dwight Howard Home Detailed Look
adidas Superbeast Dwight Howard Home Detailed Lookadidas Superbeast Dwight Howard Home Detailed Lookadidas Superbeast Dwight Howard Home Detailed Look

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. jr_lyon says:

    I got my black pair a couple days ago. The shoe look fantastic. They are really lightweight. I really don’t notice a difference with the new ALIVE/TWIST cushioning. Adidas cushioning is still sub par. The shoes are comfortable though. My major problem with these and most Adidas in general is when you’re wearing them the tongue of the shoe NEVER stays straight. It always slides to one side and down into the shoe a little bit. Oh yeah there is some heal slippage too with the low slick back

  2. Vin Terranova says:

    Yes…I had both problems with my TS Commander LT…though I still have love for them.

  3. 23MIKE24 says:

    @jr_lyon a pimp named slick back, maybe

  4. Nene33 says:

    @ jr_lyon, you’re just not playing hard enough if you can’t feel a difference, if you’re playing at all.

    But since all you ever seem to do is complain about the cushioning in adidas, let me break it down for you.

    You don’t like firm cushioning!!! And since you don’t like firm cushioning, adidas shoes won’t be for you, so do everyone a favor, go buy other shoes, and stop whining.

  5. Dennis40 says:

    Easy , Nene 🙂
    @Vin Terranova: I’ve never have heel slippage with the Lt , about the tounge losening , I may try another lace or thicker sock . Great shoes

  6. TK3 says:

    Got mine a few days ago in the away color. I havent bought anything but nike since the hyperdunk came out but i love these. cushioning is much better then expected and they are very comfy, the traction is unreal. ive gotten tons of comments on how sick they look. so far the only issue ive had is that one of the plastic pieces that the laces goes thru kind of digs into my foot when i run but i imagine it will go away as they break in

  7. AK says:

    I got the All Star version of this shoe and they look sick but I am a little worried about playing in them, specifically the red plush floorbed. Does anyone know if the All Star version was meant to be played in or just for show?

  8. Nene33 says:

    You can play in ’em, you’ll crush, the velvet, after which they’ll look like a normal foot-bed, but they’re playable.