Basketball / 09.21.10

adidas adiZero Rose Derrick Rose Signature

words_Nick Engvall

Derrick Rose has carved his place in the NBA over the first two years in the league with the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago native is on his way to being the one of the top talents in the NBA; some would say he already is. If last season’s stats are anything to pay attention to, the fact that Rose raised his scoring average a full six points per game, from averaging 20.8 in the regular season to averaging 26.8 in the 2010 NBA Playoffs is more than impressive. On top of that, Rose is one of the leaders of the USA Basketball team.

As a part of the adidas line for the upcoming season, Derrick will be wearing his first signature shoe, the adidas adiZero Rose. One of the colorways we’ll be seeing on his feet is this black and red combination that will surely make more than just Chicago fans’ wish list.

Available for pre-order now: adidas adiZero Rose

adidas AdiZero Rose Derrick Rose Signatureadidas AdiZero Rose Derrick Rose Signatureadidas AdiZero Rose Derrick Rose Signatureadidas AdiZero Rose Derrick Rose Signature

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. nimit says:

    i am digging the design. might wait for a different color way, but d. rose is full of win though. bulls are going to tear it up this year!

  2. IM_Sole_Broke says:

    review review review!!! :D:D

  3. Nene33 says:

    Great pics, really shows off the different textures, can’t wait for the release. 8)

  4. Terence says:

    looks like they’re takin’ a page out of the Nike Huarache book

  5. teemasuoka says:

    These arent that bad but i still wouldnt be wearing these bulky shoes

  6. oneonone says:

    Great photos but the shoes are not up to standard looks wise.

  7. [the watchman] says:

    Can’t get over the looks. That texture kills it for me.

  8. Baller says:

    I saw these shoes in footlocker and there actually not bulky at all. There light and look like they would be perfect ball shoes. The style could be a little better but it’s still a nice shoe. I would rather comfortability over looks for a basketball shoe. I prolly going to buy this shoe in a few days.