Basketball / 04.15.11

adidas adiPure – New Spring Colorways

words // Brandon Richard

Adidas Basketball has gained a ton of momentum in recent months, and a lot of that falls on the shoulders of their two signature athletes, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard. However, what has really put the brand’s standing in basketball over the top is their strong team offerings, the latest being the adiPure. Worn by the majority of the adidas Basketball roster, the SprintSkin-supported hooper has been an on-court favorite since the NBA’s All-Star break. Available now at Eastbay are three new colorways of the adiPure that arrive just in time for spring.

Two of the shoes are black-based and feature vibrant color pops. Electricity Yellow takes care of the tongue branding, 3-Stripes and outsole of one shoe, while Infrared takes on a similar role for the other pair. The third look pairs Aluminum Grey with Columbia Blue accents and sports a look similar to one of the adiZero Rose releases. All three styles can be purchased today.

Available: adidas adiPure

adidas adiPure Black Electricity G22293

adidas adiPure Black Infrared G22294

adidas adiPure Aluminum Columbia Blue G22291

Author: Brandon Richard


  1. Sn3aker_H0lic says:

    I like the Black/Electricity Yellow & Aluminum Grey/Columbia Blue! The other black colorway isn’t bad, but I don’t think that’s Infrared. Maybe its just me…

  2. AirBugzzy says:

    black / electricty look sick !

  3. Nene33 says:

    @ Sn3aker-H0lic, Infrared is a spectrum color, so there’s a lot of different shades(ranging from the purplish, or pinkish Red, to bright ‘burning’ Oranges).

    Link with the range of colors:

  4. alex says:

    if you want to get scientific with it, infrared rays actually fall outside of the visible light spectrum. so the color “infrared” is actually non-existent, so a brand can dub any reddish hue with the name.

  5. Nene33 says:

    Well, the ‘fashion’ Infrared is derived from the range on the infrared/thermal camera of course, so they can’t just brand any color infrared.

    Link to a thermal cam-pic:

    These BTW, seem to be photographed funny, adidas’ infrared is usually a Burning Orange in Sunlight, and Pinkish Red in cool light.