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A Look Inside Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

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A few weeks back, following Nike’s launch of the Air Zoom Alpha Talon, I had a chance to go on a tour of the spectacular Cowboys Stadium – which just happens to be the site of this upcoming Sunday’s Super Bowl. While you’ll get to see the Steelers and Packers face off on Sunday, you might not get a look at what goes on behind the scenes. Here’s a tour inside the stadium where these teams will be fighting it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - View from the luxury suites.View from the luxury suites – The luxury suites are some of the most exclusive seats in the stadium.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - Outside Cotton Bowl OfficeDallas Cowboys Stadium - Cotton Bowl OfficeOutside Cotton Bowl Office – Cowboys Stadium is the new home to the Cotton Bowl, and occupies an elaborate office located inside the venue.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - Cheerleaders Locker Room

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - Cheerleaders Locker RoomInside Cheerleaders Locker Room – There will be no mistaking lockers inside this locker room, thanks to the near-life-size images above each cheerleader’s area.
Dallas Cowboys Stadium - View from the press box.View From The Press Box – While press seating is often at midfield at other venues, this prime area is reserved for fans at Cowboys Stadium, which is why the press box is found in the corner.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - View from the Dr. Pepper Star Bar.View From Dr. Pepper StarBar – Even when games are sold out, fans have the opportunity to enjoy an affordable, standing-room-only experience from the StarBar.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - Locker RoomDallas Cowboys Stadium - Locker RoomDallas Cowboys Stadium - Locker RoomLockeroom Detail – Rare woods, imported from Africa, give a feeling of luxury that you could only expect for the home team, in the world’s most elaborate stadium.

Author: Nick Engvall


  1. teemasuoka says:

    ^^ 6 people hurt by ice falling on them in Cowboy Stadium.

  2. RyanXLisaT says:

    Great story Zach!